About Us

As a 47-year-old medical professional, I have had a passion for health, wellness and fitness my entire life.  Around 44, I noticed my energy level had dropped, weights went down in the gym, my libido changed for the worse and I could not lose belly and lower back fat no matter how hard I tried. 

I had my bloodwork drawn and was diagnosed with hypogonadism or low testosterone. I tried several clinics to help me optimize my health and found their services and level of care were lacking. I was either paying an exorbitant monthly membership fee and paying for my own script at the local pharmacy or I was begging the clinic to write me a prescription for a maintenance bloodwork to see what my levels were. I never felt that any of these clinics were in it for my best health. 

I knew that I could not be the only customer feeling this way. At that point developing a center that did things the right way and put the patient’s best interest first and foremost became my passion. At NELTC we have a board-certified physician director as well as an age management certified Physician Assistant providing the highest level of care. I take great pride in saying that our treatments are intended to provide our patients with the absolute best experience and optimal health.  


At New England Low-T Center, we truly want to help you “Live your Best Life”.

If you are being treated elsewhere, check us out and see the difference.

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