Treatments for Low Testosterone, Injectable Vitamin Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction

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Testosterone is a vital hormone for men. When testosterone levels are normal, men can better build muscle, have more energy, retain an adequate sex drive, sleep better, and much more. Low testosterone levels can negatively affect men’s overall health. Your low energy, lack of sex drive, weight gain, and more may not just be “normal aging.”  

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A Different Approach to Supplementation with Injectable Vitamins and Amino Acids


Since the liver removes 90% of the nutrition you take orally, many vitamin, mineral, and amino supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally.


New England Low-T Center can provide customized blends to optimize your health.



Most men suffer from ED at some point in their lives – and some have been suffering for years. But nearly 90% of men suffering with Erectile Dysfunction can be treated.


With the treatments from New England
Low-T Center, you can expect results even when all other solutions have failed.


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If you suffer with Low Testosterone, Vitamin Deficiencies or Erectile Dysfunction issues, you know the emotional and physical toll that they can play in your life. What you may not know, however, is that you are not alone. And if you’re like most men, you can be effectively treated. At New England Low-T Center and Wellness Clinic, we’re specialists in men’s sexual health. Our mission is to treat men with discretion and compassion. We offer customized programs that are amazingly effective and really can change your life. Contact us today for a confidential medical consultation.

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Top Reasons to Optimize Your Testosterone Levels

1. Decrease Body Fat​​​​​​​ -  Testosterone is essential to the regulation of insulin, glucose and fat storage.

2. Increase Muscle Mass - Testosterone improves muscle protein synthesis leading to muscle growth.

3. Improve Heart Health - Recent studies found that low testosterone levels are responsible for increased risk of heart ailments.

4. Brain Function - Testosterone can modulate the response of the amygdala (a key brain structure responsible for processing emotions) and pre-frontal cortex (involved in regulating emotional responses and reactions)

5. Regulate Dopamine Levels - Optimal testosterone levels can enhance dopamine release which may protect against depression and the associated decrease in dopamine activity in reward-related brain pathways.

6. Improve Depression - Research now demonstrates that men undergoing TOT treatment for sub-optimal testosterone levels report improvements in mood and other issues related to depression.

7. Improve Memory - Many studies have shown that optimal testosterone levels improve working memory, visual and verbal memory, spatial processing power and can often eliminate brain fog in men suffering from low testosterone.

8. Combat Alzheimer's Disease and Improve Cognition - Studies show that many older men with mild cognitive issues suffer from low blood levels of testosterone.

9. Prevent Osteoporosis and Frailty - Multiple studies in aging men show low testosterone levels associated with lower skeletal muscle mass, muscle strength, physical function, bone mineral density and higher risk of fractures and death.

10. Fight Inflammation - Cellular inflammation is the CORE component of many aging related diseases. It is the chief culprit of vascular diseases, erectile dysfunction, autoimmune diseases and cancer. One of primary ways testosterone improves biological systems is by decreasing inflammation.


As a middle aged man (55), I "self medicated" with testosterone for years. I enjoyed some of the benefits (mood, sexual function, vitality, etc.) but was all over the place with my consistency, dosing, ancillary supplements, etc. Frankly speaking, I just didn't know what I was doing and my results suffered for it. I met Tony (New England Low-T Center) and immediately recognized him as someone who DID KNOW what he was talking about. I was amazed by his knowledge and a little embarrassed by my carelessness. The process began with an email from the center. The instructions were simple and the process easy. I was set up for testing. A very easy process. When my levels came back low,  I got a call from a PA who described a regimen of care based on science and my individual needs. I agreed. Another easy to follow email confirmed everything and my package arrived right on time a week or so later. I had a few questions at first because the process, dosing etc. was different than what I was used to (for good reasons). Tony was always available with answers. I will never use another service. New England Low-T Center does it right. They put patients, science and safety first and believe me, the results follow from there. 

I've never felt better!!!

Bryan S
South FL